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Patient compliance and adherence are key factors in Heights Specialty Pharmacy’s highest level of services to our customers.

You’ll get high-touch, patient-centered care that can lead to stronger persistency ratios and better therapeutic outcomes.

We understand the importance of properly managing drug delivery to the patient who is at the center of our service model. This expedited journey covers a full benefits investigation and co-pay assistance review in addition to proper drug administration and counseling on side effects/drug interactions. Our expertise is deeply imbedded in specialty therapeutic class products and the dedicated point of contact provides great care and thoughtfulness during every outreach.

Proper handling is conducted for each prescription filled following manufacturer packaging instructions for all temperatures (cold chain, ambient storage and weather resistant). We track and monitor all prescription deliveries daily whether through both internal and external courier systems.

From time of dispense to patient satisfaction rates, Heights Specialty Pharmacy has full capabilities to provide de-identified data reports. Each data report is customized to the Pharma manufacturer’s contract specifications and delivered accordingly to the criteria provided.

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